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Thank you, grazie, for stopping by our site at, this site started because we wanted to share our love and knowledge of the area with you. We have over 15 years experience in organising tour and other activities around the Amalfi Coast and the surrounding area. Every shore excursion is perfectly planned keeping in mind your need and your time in every port.
We have decided to combine our experience to deliver a great and unforgettable sharing tour for you. Our drivers are multilingual, fluent in English, German and Spanish they are highly qualified and they hold the necessary certificate required by the Italian law. 
Please keep in mind that by the Italian law the driver-guide is not a tour guide and he/she is not allowed to enter any historical site and act as a tour guide. They do have the knowledge of the sites, but they can only tell you about them from the outside. There are strict rules on this in Italy and consequently tour guides have different licenses and are the only ones allowed to guide you inside a historical site like ruins or museums etc. We do offer all inclusive tours.