Frequently Asked Questions


Why use

Our company ethos is to always give an excellent and friendly service to our guests. Our drivers are local people that have been in the business for many years and have an extensive knowledge of the area.They speak excellent English and hold all the necessary licenses and insurances required by Italian law. We are fully confident you will have an amazing time with us.

How do I book a sharing tour?

You may join a tour that has already started or you could start a tour yourself. It is very easy, just follow the instructions on the site. Please note that once you create a group the tour will be confirmed and you will receive a voucher with all the details via email. The tour will then be advertised on our site. To help get more people to join the group we advise you to advertise the group via Social Media, Facebook travel groups and your Facebook profile, Twitter etc, travel forums and on 

Every time someone join or drop out of the group you will be notify via email with the change of price as well. On any of our tours we allow a maximum of 8 to 18 passengers to ensure the best and most enjoyable experience, most of our tours have 8 passeggers max.

How do I find my Driver?

The driver will be waiting for you outside the gateway of your cruise or outside the port terminal with a sign showing the name of the group creator and the destination. All the instructions will be on the voucher you will receive via email after you join or start a sharing tour.

Can we change the tour?

Tours listed on our site cannot be changed; all tours will be delivered as described. Changes will only be considered if all the people in the group agree to do so.

Will we be charged if the ship doesn’t dock?

We will not charge you under these particular circumstances. You will be charged in the event of a late cancellation as stated in the Cancellation Policy & Prices.

Are tips included in the price of the tour?

Tips are not included in the price of the tour. If you feel that you received a good service you are welcome to leave a tip for the driver in the region of 10-15%

Is the driver-guide a tour guide as well?

Please note that the driver-guide is not a tour guide and he/she is not allowed to enter any historical site and act as a tour guide. They do have the knowledge of the sites, but they can only tell you about them from the outside. There are strict rules on this in Italy and consequently tour guides have different licenses and are the only ones allowed to guide you inside a historical site like ruins or museums etc. 

Can I request a driver?

We always aim to accommodate any request where possible. Please note that it is not always possible to request a driver you have had before because he/she could already be booked for other services. 

Cancellation Policy & Prices:

If you cancel 7 days before the tour is due you will not be charged your fee. Cancellation made after the 7 days will incur a full charge of your share. Prices for our sharing tours are based on how many people join the tour. Your credit cards details are used only to guarantee your reservation.


We don’t accept credit card payments. All payments are due in cash (euro only) at the end of the day directly to the driver **Cancellations will only be charged if you fail to cancel your reservation before the 7 days as stated in the Cancellation Policy & Prices

Entrance fee:

Entrance fees to the historical sites are not included in our fees. All the extra fees for Pompeii, Herculaneum or Paestum are explained in the tour description. Please make sure you read all the instructions.

If you have any questions you can reach us via email on