Amalfi Coast Sharing Tour From Positano

Our driver will come and pick you up with one of our Mercedes van to begin your Amalfi Coast sharing tour from Positano. We’ll drive towards Amalfi passing through, praiano and then Conca Dei Marini, where the Emerald Grotto is located. This spectacular natural beauty was discovered by a local fisherman in the 1953 and since then has become a must seen feature of the Amalfi Coast, this Grotto is one of few places naturally flooded by natural light. Next will be Furore where the “Furore Fjord” is finds the fjord was created by the “Schiato” torrent that flows from Agerola located above Amalfi. 

Our first stop for your half day sharing tour will be Amalfi, this little village lies at the foot of Monte Cerreto surrounded by spectacular coastal scenery and amazing cliffs.

Amalfi once was the capital of Maritime Republic and a trading powerhouse in the Mediterranean between the 839 and 1200. The main attraction are:

The Cathedral of Sent Andrew’s (The Duomo) a Baroque and Byzatine style building that overlooks the main Piazza Duomo, where Michelangelo Naccherino a pupil of “Michelangelo” sculptured the bronze statue of Sent Andrew.

Next to the Duomo lies the Cloister of Paradise (Chiostro Del Paradiso) built by Filippo Augustariccio between 1266 and 1268 and was used has a burial for noble family of Amalfi, inside you will find the Crypt built by the Archbishop Capuano to lay the remains of Sent Andrew.

Arsenal Of Maritime Republic

The main function of the arsenal was to store, repair and built warships. The building now keeps old warships, architectural and sculptural remains and a row-burg used in the Historical Regatta, also used during the year to hold art exhibitions.

The Handmade Paper Museum

Located in the Valle Dei Mulini inside Amalfi, this is an old handmade paper factory that was converted in a museum in the 1969. The factory has fully operating machinery that where used to produce handmade paper.

We’ll continue our Amalfi Coast sharing tour towards Ravello, which is located on top of Amalfi on a promontory called Cimbrone, this little town of just over 2000 inhabitants earned a listing in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

The main attractions are:

Villa Cimbrone

Dating from the 11th century AD and it’s famous for is spectacular belvedere called the Terrace of Infinity. The villa now is a hotel but the gardens are still open to the public.

The church of San Giovanni del Toro (Saint John of the Bull) is famous for the Pulpit dating back the 13thcentury. The church is named after John the Apostle and for “Il Toro” it was the old name of the aristocratic street where it was built in the 11th century.

Villa Rufolo

Built by one of the riches businessman in Ravello, Nicolo Rufolo. This is the some place that inspired Richard Wagner to stage his opera Parsifal and today is so called the Terrace of Richard Wagner where they hold the Ravello Summer Music Festival. The villa was mention by Giovanni Boccaccio in the Decameron and has become an attraction for thousands of visitors that flow every year the Amalfi Coast.

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