Positano Cooking Class On The Amalfi Coast

Our cooking class takes place at in a restaurant in Montepertuso above Positano, a beautiful village completely surrounded by green hills, which majestically overlooks the Amalfi Coast.

The chef will take you by hand and will teach you the fabulous flavours of the Italian cuisine, creating countless special recipes, all made with natural ingredients, typical of the area. Here, where the sun shines all year round, we will teach you all the secrets of natural and healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

Our cooking class is hands on, so very different from other classes, you will prepare every single dishes with the help on hands of our chef.

A typical Italian lunch which includes 3 to 5 courses:


Primi Piatti home made four cheese stuffed ravioli and Tagliatelle with cherry tomato and basil

Seconds (fish in lemon or white wine source or escallop in white wine, lemon or balsamic vinegar),

Side dishes (vegetable), Cheese, Fruit and Dessert.

Here, you will also learn to combine the various wines from the Campania region, and in addition you will learn how to set a table and create the right atmosphere for any special occasion.

At the end of the lesson you can taste all the dishes cooked during the class, sitting on the stunning terrace, sipping our local wines and with all of us singing "O Sole Mio". P.S. our cooking class take place twice a day in the mornining or afternoon, so you can choose when you would like to take place.

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Individual Prices per Group

Number of Passenger(s) Price per Person
1 Pax 160 euro
2 Pax 145 euro
3 Pax 130 euro
4 Pax 130 euro
5 Pax 125 euro
6 Pax 125 euro
7 Pax 120 euro
8 Pax 120 euro