Paestum and Mozzarella Buffalo Sharing Tour

Our driver will come and pick you up with one of our Mercedes van to begin your shore excursions sharing tour of Paestum and Buffalo mozzarella from Naples port. We’ll take the highway towards Paestum and the Buffalo Mozzarella farm.


Was founded by the Greek and later on was conquered by the Luciana’s and then by the Roman that gave the city the current name. The ruins of Paestum today are very famous all over the world for three Greek temples in Doric style that are from the 6th century BC and are very well preserved; both temples were dedicated to Hera and Poseidon. The first Temple of Hera dates back to the 550 BC and was built by the Greek and is the oldest one in Paestum.

The second Temple of Hera was built around the 460 BC and was dedicated to Poseidon. In the center of the ruins we have the Roman Forum and going to the northeast we’ll find the roman Amphitheatre.

On the highest point of the site lies the Temple of Athena that was build during the 550 BC. The architectures of the temple are partly Ionic style and partly Doric style. Paestum unlikely Pompeii and Herculaneum is not a very busy sites so you can enjoy and be taken in by the magnificent scenery that the ruins have to offer.

Off course the next stop will be in one of the famous Buffalo Mozzarella farms where you can enjoy the incredible delight of the “Mozzarella di Buffala” and the other local produces. The Buffalo Mozzarella was awarded in 1993 of the DOC (Controlled Designations of Origin by the Italian government and from 1996 it’s also protected by the EU. The name Mozzarella comes from the procedure in which the soft cheese is made called Mozzatura, which means cutting by hands. You can either stop before or after the ruins in one of the farm.

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